Warm air use for drying out your clothes comes from outside your home. Lint may build up over time and you’ll see it in the lint trap. If you fail to perform regular maintenance of your dryer vents, then the humidity of your home rises as you dry your clothes. Over time, your machine becomes less effective.

Dirty dryer vent hoses also lower the air quality in your home. It may even start a fire. Always put special attention to it. If your clothes feel too hot, if they take longer to dry, if there is a burning smell, and if you haven’t used the dryer lately, then the vents must be cleaned before using the device again. Here is a little bit more discussion about these signs.

1. Longer Drying Time

A weekly load of clothes must take more than 40 minutes to dry. However, a dryer in which vents are blocked could take up to 3x as long to function. The vents force the damp air out and pull in the drier air to dry clothes effectively.

When the dryer vents are clogged, there will be nowhere for the moist air to go. The process becomes a cycle that wastes energy. It will increase your heating bill and wear out the blower and heating element of your dryer. If the clothes are not dry after the usual drying cycle, then you must check the vent hose for lint. It’s also possible to notice a musty smell coming from mold and mildew on your damp clothing.

2. Burning Smell

It is probably lint if you smell something burning after running your dryer. Lint is highly flammable. That odor of burning in your dryer hose or trap comes from burnt very small lint. That’s how hot lint catches fire. So, if something smells like burning and it’s close to your dryer, shut off the system and have it checked by the professionals.

3. Extreme Heat

At the end of a normal cycle, your system will feel very hot if the dryer vents are unable to eliminate hot air because the vents are blocked. Your clothing, as well as the laundry room itself, may also feel very hot.

4. Visible Dryer Vent Dirt

If you can possibly check the status of your dryer vent, it should be clear of debris. If you notice signs of lint or any other thing near the vent’s opening, then it’s time that you get the vents cleaned up. Often, if the exterior vent hood flap fails to open if the dryer is on, then it means that the system’s airflow is blocked by lint and must be cleaned.

5. Dirty Ducts

Check the ducts or vent hoses each year to save money. Doing so also makes dryer to work faster while preventing harmful carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. If you can access the opening of the external vents, you may clean it on your own using special kits. Nonetheless, hiring an expert in dryer vent cleaning Livonia MI is highly recommended. Investing in the services of a professional is always worth it.